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  • What it takes to achieve perfection? It is the question we are asking ourselves all the time. As an answer we created City Broadband – Connect Beyond Possibilities.
  • Were building a Bigger and Better network, right across the surat for all surti to enjoy and this means faster Broadband at even cheaper prices!
  • On the waves of making digitisation of every sphere of human life, we have started in 2014 with the goal to give people world's most powerful resource and to make Surti feel         new & amazing experience of Internet through Broadband and other our remarkable and innovative products in this industry which no one has ever imagined.
  • Started with the young blood, Innovative mind to do things and try for which no one in this field ever thought apart from the traditional services.
  • In order to bring our dream true, we constantly thriving to make our services world class.
  • In order to achieve our dream, we have Encircled ourselves with the young and vigorous team and constantly developing their technical and soft skills.
  • We have started with the very small team and currently working together 80+ employees with ” The Can Do Attitude”.
  • We have the youngest team in ISP industry with average age of 26 and that is the most powerful resource.
  • We refine, we learn from our customers, every time to make them happier one amongst all by taking care of their needs in demand what they require pre sales and after sales.
  • For future we can't wait we are making our selves bigger and better to engulf our network all over the Gujarat keeping our views of corporate social responsibility we are         enriching the thousands of life making them part of real digital India with us.
  • With unbeatable service level and quality internet we have reached 5000 customer base within 2 years.
  • Keeping a target of making India Digital we thrive for technology change and bring innovative concept at every interval.
  • We are shortly bringing you free Wi-Fi facilities at major location, IPTV solution and many more innovation is yet to come because The Internet is the world's largest library. It's         just that all the books are on the floor.
  • By delivering concierge level technology services, CCS is providing a level of attention and detail that is unheard of in our industry.
  • We maintain a 24/7 services center that is uniquely structured to each client.
  • We work diligently with clients to tailor our response times, escalation plans and remote support meet the needs of their business.